С 15 по 22 октября 2013 года во Львове пройдёт международный молодёжный обменный проект. Проект организуется в рамках программы "Молодёжь в действии". В проекте участвует молодёжь из Украины, Белоруссии, Латвии и Литвы. Во время проекта молодёжь будет исследовать и развивать навыки предпринимательства и предпринимательской деятельности по преодолению гендерных стереотипов и планирования успешной профессиональной карьеры.

воскресенье, 20 октября 2013 г.

day5, 19 октября.

Сегодня мы посетили Львов. и показали местным житеялм флеш-моб, где старались преодолеть гендерные стереотипы.
Потом мы объединились в команды и провели фотоориентирование по Львову.
 Кратко о том, что такое флешмоб.
What is flash mob???
The direct translation of this word is “suddenly occurring mob”. Indeed such a mob suddenly gathers in a public place and distinguishes among mundane mass with its mysterious occurrence, doing meaningless things, but in a way like they have certain sense, and the mob the same suddenly breaks up in a few minutes. It is important to point that a real flash mob  has no political, religious, economic or commercial  concern, does not violate laws and moral standards, do not call or dispose to do something .
So in which way people who do not know each other can agree about carrying such actions?
Indeed, the matter is simple and easy: in our century of information, it isn’t hard to find any special sites on the internet dedicated to flash mob. They are usually divided according to geographical principle, as this is clever, and now every big and small city, where such events take place, has websites of this nature. Everyone there can offer his own scenario for an action or take a part in an active discussion about persons offered by other people.
Then, a scenario is chosen by voting, which is accepted by most potential participants in the event.  Herewith, any information about the expected event must be kept in secrecy, however, if it becomes known to publicity in any way, the agreement existing between participants about carrying the action will become null and void.
So, having agreed via internet or SMS and not revealing any details of this action, the participants gather together at the agreed time and place. As a result, during the “madness” taking place, someone of accidental beholders smiles and becomes happier, someone insistently tries to know the sense of this senseless and ridiculous activity, and others get balled up thinking if the world or they are crazy… 
By the way, ideologists of this movement prefer talking of flash mob as of a “smart mob”. People make a considered collective action without losing their own individuality at the same time. Each participant of this movement finds his own values in such a planned behavior. However, all of those values mean that one can just step out of bounds of prosiness, relax after doing some “nonsense”, release another from his “closed world” at least for a few minutes and release oneself at the same time, meet interesting people, come together and just enjoy all these things happening.

You should keep in mind that you can find some opportunities in your difficult life, which allow you just for a while, after putting off the husk of seriousness, but staying yourselves, to do something unconventional, astonish people and give joy yourselves and people around you! 

Посмотрите наш флешмоб

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