С 15 по 22 октября 2013 года во Львове пройдёт международный молодёжный обменный проект. Проект организуется в рамках программы "Молодёжь в действии". В проекте участвует молодёжь из Украины, Белоруссии, Латвии и Литвы. Во время проекта молодёжь будет исследовать и развивать навыки предпринимательства и предпринимательской деятельности по преодолению гендерных стереотипов и планирования успешной профессиональной карьеры.

воскресенье, 20 октября 2013 г.

day6, 20 октября

Сегодня у нас очень важный дент. Во-первых у нс была встреча с женщиной предпринимателем. а во вторых мы сыграли в очень интересную игру . которая развивает деловую активность, бизнес-навыки, навыки промоции собственной продукции, умение чувствовать рынок и.д. Вот описание игры и инструкция об ней.
Stimulation game “Production of ducks”
   This game is a kind of “stimulation” of a business activity in a labour market of any country all over the world. Young people taking part in this game have an opportunity to work in a team playing a certain “professional role”, improving their skills in effective use of working hours and planning of activity, as well as an opportunity to gain some practical experience in understanding demand and supply, competition, marketing elements etc.
  The participants are divided into competing enterprises (each consists of 4-6 persons) and specially chosen assistants (bank, wholesale paper base, duck shopping unit and so on).
  Teams can be created and functions can be chosen by chance, however, you can also use a team’s knowledge separating typical leaders and gathering them into one team and observe if they can deal with each other, obey and collaborate.
The game consists of:
·         Directions for conducting the game,
·         guidelines for teams representing business,
·         scheme of “ducks” using Origami art,
·         financial documentation,
·         printed translations,
·         simulated  money
Educative importance of the game:
·         acquaintance with the basic terminology in the sphere of business,
·         acquaintance with mechanisms and operations used in free market economy (manufacturing process management (supply, production, and merchandising of goods)
·         comprehension of essence of marketing,
·         development of skills in team-working, differentiation of labour, occurrence of a leader, art of negotiations, ability to react quickly to changing conditions and ability to work under pressure, skills in training time management,
·         guidelines for teams
·         forms for financial documentation of “companies”
·         sample of a “duck”
·         currency “1 Duck” and so on, each team is given  100 Ducks to start their activity
·         colored paper
·         stationery
Game scenario
А. Preparation
The game can include several teams of participants. Depending on number of “companies”, we place tables to ensure free movement through the room for “buyers of goods”.
The following assistants are needed to play the roles:
·         Paper seller,
·         Banker,
·         Buyers
Instructor should talk to the assistants and tell them that they should use various life situations during the game to make it interesting.
В. Conduction
Instructor createscompaniesby chance. Each “company” is given a set of materials and chooses an own name which will be used during the game. The leader tells the main conditions of the game:
·         Company starts its activity on Monday and closes on Friday;
·         Duration of a company’s every workday is 10 minutes
·         “Company” takes a rest between workdays for 5 minutes
·         A “company” which gains the biggest profit wins the game )))
In the end of each day, a check of the following indices is to be carried out:
-  workplace rent ( 10 Ducks),
 - overhead charges,
- personnel’s wage (not less than 5 Ducks per day),
 - if failed to make main payments, a fine is imposed not less than 10 Ducks.

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